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Mar 11 2013

How to fix cross tables that can't be exported in the Spotfire web player

How to fix cross tables that can't be exported through the web player, as well as how to control this for each cross table.

SpotfireCross TableWeb PlayerExport Data
Mar 4 2013

How to get map charts working from Spotfire version 4.5 to 5.0

When creating map charts from data tables with spatial calculated columns there is now an extra step needed that wasn't required in version 4.5

SpotfireMap Chart
Feb 8 2013

Remove duplicate rows in Spotfire

A summary of methods that can be used to deal with duplicate data in Spotfire

Nov 29 2012

How to resize a list box filter in a text area or the filters menu in Spotfire

A quick and easy trick showing you how to resize a list box in Spotfire.

Text areaSpotfirelist box
Nov 6 2012

The Power of Data Relationships and Avoiding Database Joins

Avoid using unnecessary joins on data tables by using data table relationships in TIBCO Spotfire

Nov 5 2012

Executing scripts within other scripts (from TIBCO Spotfire)

A neat trick published on Spotfire's own Tip of the Week showing you how to execute scripts within other scripts.

Oct 19 2012

OVER Statements in Cross Tables and Beyond

A simple example of how to use custom expressions and OVER statements in cross tables and graphs

SpotfireCross TableCustom ExpressionCalculated ColumnPercentage Difference
Oct 11 2012

Using Oracle Spatial MDSYS SDO GEOMETRY columns in Spotfire

A guide on how to implement Oracle Spatial MDSYS SDO.GEOMETRY columns in Spotfire

SpotfireMap ChartOracle SpatialMDSYSSDO GEOMETRY
Oct 5 2012

Show all data when a filter is set to None in Spotfire

How to create a filter in a text area that defaults to showing all data but can be filtered to individual items.

Oct 3 2012

UNION ALL (SQL) statement in Spotfire

An explanation on how to use UNION ALL SQL statements through information links in Spotfire.

SpotfireUNION ALLSQLInformation Link
Oct 1 2012

Selective Labelling in Spotfire Visualisations and Charts

How to display labels on a Spotfire visualisation or chart only for the data points of interest.

Sep 27 2012

In The Beginning (there was my data analysis using Tibco Spotfire blog)

Introduction to Bear on Spotfire. The blogs aims and hopes.

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